Date: Friday April 29th, 2016

Bank South Pacific (BSP), the leading bank of the South Pacific has launched a new branding campaign reinforcing its commitment to its customers and communities in which it operates.  

In a statement, BSP said it is an iconic and unique bank in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, recognised for its strong commitment to the region and this is presented in the campaign themed: "We are you, we are BSP".

The new campaign follows BSP's recent acquisition of Westpac operations in Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga. The acquisition brings respected customers, skilled employees and specialised processes and systems. It positions BSP as a leading Pacific regional financial services business, maximising future opportunities from PNG's growing long term trade and economic influence in the region.

"The new branding campaign brings together our cultures, our values and our families to unite in building a Pacific Brand. We are you, we are BSP, builds from our last campaign GROW, and it aims to promote our reach in the Pacific, build pride in a unique Pacific Brand, unite our communities and show that there is unity in diversity when we represent a powerful brand," BSP said.

BSP is proud of its whole of bank capabilities whereby its teams in Corporate, Retail, Paramount and Treasury are able to provide solutions to its clients, drawing on its capabilities and broad presence across the Pacific. This capability is unmatched by our competitors.

BSP has the largest branch network in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga with branches, sub branches and agents in cities and towns in these countries and also in remote rural locations. Its branch network is complemented by electronic banking channels that can meet the banking needs of its customers.

"As Papua New Guinea and the Pacific is our home we have knowledge, history, experience and a commitment to the region that other financial institutes cannot offer. And that is what our new branding campaign is reinforcing and showcases the transfer of Knowledge, that our culture is our strength and that the path to the Future involves nurturing," BSP adds.

BSP has developed a strategic interest to find opportunities, build commercial relationships, and grow its presence in the economies of the South Pacific region.

BSP is also committed to helping its customers build better communities and leverage its size, scope and resources to help make the South Pacific a better place through its Corporate Social Responsibility activities.