BSP ATMs to be maintained and not shut down

Date: Thursday 28th January, 2021

BSP wishes to advise its valued customers that it is NOT and will NOT be shutting down any ATMs in the National Capital District or anywhere across its network due to unavailability of cash.

As has been widely reported in the media, due to the inconsistent availability of quality bank notes, BSP's ATM fleet of 119 ATMs in Port Moresby in particular has been affected with some ATMs temporarily running out of cash. BSP staff involved in ATM support in Port Moresby are actively monitoring cash supply of all ATMs and replenishing ATMs when cash in ATMs runs low.

Priority is given to the high usage NCD ATMs at BSP Branches and in major shopping centers, but all ATMs will be re-supplied with cash.

Please note that to assist customers, BSP will be providing regular updates during the day via its Social Media platforms including Facebook as to a list of available ATMs in Port Moresby as well as any ATMs that are unavailable and timeframes to resolution.

BSP will also be launching a public awareness campaign aimed at encouraging businesses and retail customers to deposit their cash with the branches as well as asking all customers to consider our Digital channels available to facilitate payment of goods and services especially at supermarkets and retail stores.

For queries, contact our Customer Service Center on;

Telephone: (675) 320 1212 / 7030 1212 or